Sunny Choi uses Selz

"Selz provides an incredibly simple platform, yet it contains everything you need to sell and purchase any product in minutes. It really is an easy and efficient tool to sell your products in today's fast-paced world."

"For simple selling, Selz is definitely a great way to go! It’s also a good thing to try to increase opt-ins with a digital download as their widget does stand out more than the typical opt-in form. Selz is a piece of cake if you want to start selling products today without the need for all of the functionality of a full blown ecommerce application."

- Kristi Hines, Marketing Expert

"I finally had the chance to sit down and look at all wha"t you guys have done to the site, and I'm loving it as always! I can't express enough as I always have in the past how much I love what you guys are doing."

- Sergio Ramirez, Musician

"If it wasn’t for Selz, I seriously don’t think I would have created an online store this year. Since adding their magic touch to my web site, my business is now 100% location-independent."Build your content, engage your customers and super-charge your SEO with a simple but fully functioning blog."

- Berni Xiong, Coach

"Selling my E-Book through Selz has been such an easy and flawless experience. The website is very user friendly and the whole process has been completely hassle free for myself and my buyers. I couldn't recommend Selz more for online selling!"Full sales tax support for all countries and product types with automated professional invoicing as an option."

- Megan Yonson, Nutritionist

“Thank you for no disappointments when it came to setting things up. It hasn’t been 24 hours and already I’ve got a transaction.”

Judah Kessler, Writer

"Selz made getting online and selling our products so much easier. We were able to tap into an established network via our social media connections and avoid the costly and complicated setups of building an e-commerce site. The team at Selz were prompt to answer our questions and quick to resolve any issues we had."

- Rob Palmer, Color of Maroc

Tara Gentile uses Selz

"I use Selz because they make it extremely easy to sell what I create online. I can upload a new product with lots of files and do it in no time flat. The best part of that is as soon as I'm done the page looks incredible. I love sending people to Selz landing pages, but I can also sell with Selz from my website as well and since that's where 1000s of people are reading my blog posts, it's incredibly important to have my products right there, front and center. Selz makes that easy and makes it look really, really good."