History Of Sol

History Of Sol

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History of Sol - 01 - Ouroboros E-Book

This is the first book in an illustrated series following the crew of the Cargo Transport Ship Galaxy as they chase secrets, fight outlaws and try not to get exiled from the Colonies.

The story begins with a dangerous and illegal experiment which lands the crew of the cargo ship Galaxy into hot water. Having no choice but to push on with their jobs (and other engagements) they find themselves in possession of a rare and powerful item. Something so highly sought after that they have to risk their lives fighting off grotesque mutants and a band of outlaws from the Kuiper belt. All while being besieged by a nosy cyborg and a Martian battle leader with a vendetta.

Format: pdf
Language: English
Length: 130 pages
File size: 18.12 MB
Published: 15th November 2014 by Masterton Dutch Multimedia
Written by: Steven Dutch & Chris Masterton
Illustrated by: Warrick Wong & Chris Masterton

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