Staying - Turning Towards What Is Difficult

When challenging, unwanted thoughts, emotions or behaviors arise, most of us want to avoid or distract ourselves. Sometimes we use food which temporarily soothes, comforts or submerges the difficult internal experiences. Unfortunately, running from our shame and fear doesn't eliminate our habituated use of food, in fact, it seems to become even more entrenched. Rather than coming to understand and work with what fuels our disordered relationship with food, the hope of change seems to slip further and further away. Turning toward what is difficult offers the possibility of freeing ourselves from the very patterns we fear the most.

One 60 min audio recording (mp3)

Char Wilkins, MSW, LCSW, is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist who works with individuals, couples and groups incorporating the intention and skills of mindfulness as a foundation from which to explore one's life. She specializes in working with stress-related physical and emotional issues, with women who have experienced childhood abuse and trauma, and those who suffer with depression, anxiety and disordered eating.

Char is certified as a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher by the Center for Mindfulness, UMass Medical School, Worcester, MA. She teaches MBSR, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Mindful Eating/Conscious Living (MECL) for the general public.

She leads professional trainings in MECL, MBSR, an Adv. training for MBCT and MBSR teachers. Char maintains a longstanding personal meditation practice and is currently studying Qigong and Taijiquan. She provides one-on-one consultation for professionals who wish to incorporate mindfulness into their work. She is a member of the Board of Directors of The Center for Mindful Eating and is the owner/director of the Center for Mindful Living, LLC and A Mindful Path, LLC in Connecticut. She can be contacted through her website or

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