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Craving and the End of Craving

Craving - the impulse for satisfaction - that often drives us to eat mindlessly is one of the most misunderstood experiences. The general assumption is that once we satisfy cravings, we'll be happy and satisfied. But the nature of craving is actually not a source of satisfaction. We need to understand the nature of craving to attain a sense of satisfaction. This practice can radically change mindful eating habits.


1. What is craving and it's relationship to mindful eating?
2. What are the different types of craving?
3. How can we learn to feel satisfied in the midst of craving?

Ronna Kabatznick, PhD, is a former Board Member of The Center for Mindful Eating. She is the author ofThe Zen of Eating: Ancient Answers to Modern Weight Problemsand the former psychologist to Weight Watchers International where she developed their behavior weight management program. She is currently in private practice in Berkeley, CA and can be reached at

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