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Strategic Plan Template for Do-Gooders (non-profits) - Editable Version

Full of practical guidance, tips, and done-for-you formatting, this editable strategic plan template makes writing your strategic plan as easy as can be. Designed for the beginner, it takes out the "business-speak" and mystery of how to write a strategic plan. Each section is clearly laid out for you, with straightforward guidance, tips and tables ready to be filled in. It even has a table of contents that gets all set up for you with just two clicks!

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Praise from Do-Gooders who have used the Strategic Plan Template:

"Just used your template for a strategic plan I had just hours to whip out. We got it in to a prestigious foundation and have been invited to present in May. Thank you wizard!" - Liz Paulus (United Way, USA)

"I recently came across a copy of your strategic planning template to be used for non-profits. I have a graduate degree in leadership and your template is one of the best I've found for these sorts of applications. Thanks for the work you are doing!" - Dan Bramble, Payson Arizona SDA Church

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