Mindful Eating and Motivational Interviewing: What's the Connection?

In this members-only teleconference, Molly Kellogg RD, LCSW explains the link between motivational interviewing and mindfulness. After a brief introduction to motivational interviewing we will look at ways that motivational interviewing can support work on mindful eating and conversely how mindfulness practice supports motivational interviewing.

Three Learning objectives:

1. Understand the elements of motivational interviewing

2. Compare the Spirit of MI with the foundation of mindful eating

3. Discuss ways in which each can support each other

Molly Kellogg is a Psychotherapist, Nutritionist and Life Coach with offices in Mt. Airy and Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. Her passion in life is to guide her clients on a path to their fullest expression in their personal, professional and nutritional lives. She does this by encouraging observation of their process and by promoting curiosity and experimentation.

Molly is the author of the Counseling Tips for Nutrition Therapists: Practice Workbook series. She trains and supervises dietitians in advanced counseling skills.

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