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On Moonbeams (Bliss Trips Guided Meditation Journeys)

Inspired by Light, meditations will help you to set dreams in motion.

Perfect for people who want to:

  • Manifest a fuller and richer life — creating experiences that are in line with your deepest desires.
  • Learn how whimsy and altruism can bring your own wishes to fruition.

The Journeys

  • On Moonbeams (a 30-minute MegaBliss)
    A mysterious pathway leads to a world of fantasy and wishes fulfilled.
  • Iridescent Messengers (a 15-minute MiniBliss)
    A delightful surprise brings loving messages. Savor significance, meaning, and the joy of life.
  • A music-only track to create your own magical journeys.
    (a 15-minute Do-It-Yourself-Bliss)Light Repose

Narration and music
60 minutes

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