Honor Your Spiritual Borders - Issue No.13

Inside this month's issue of Inspirallumination Magazine

Not your average Joe, this month's caffeine for your soul includes:

Honoring Our Spiritual Borders
by Loreen Muzik
Feel a leak? Found another energy vampire sucked you dry? Find out where your borders lie and how to protect them.

Got Spiritual Hitchhikers? Clear Them Now
by Michelle Walling
How do you know when you unintentionally pick up spiritual hitchhikers and what can you do about it?

Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks
by Anna Merkaba
It is of utmost importance to practice cleansing your energy body by yourself daily. Discover an incredibly easy technique, which works wonders for those who try it.

Just Say No. So that you can say yes.
by Leo Babauta
Saying Yes is easy, because current self thinks that future self can handle it, no problem. But then future self becomes current self.

Declare Your Independence From Outer Energies
by Brenda Hoffman
If you continue to believe your beacon is enough to shift all earth entities, you will become frustrated and move yourself off track.

Honor Your Energetic Boundaries
How to set up your energetic boundaries for healing video with Ralph Smart

Clear Your Negative Energies and Karma
A beautiful guided meditation with B. Devine

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