30-Minute Phone Consultation

I have advised thousands of businesses – small businesses, online businesses, one-person businesses, independent professionals – you name it! As business owners, it is very difficult for us to be objective about our own businesses and see the problems because we are simply too close to it.

With my 30-minute phone consultation, I will tell you what I believe your issues are, give you advice on how to market your particular business, determine whether you need to fix certain aspects of your business model, as well as answer your questions, provide mentorship and coaching, and get your business going in the right direction. I also have a lot of brick and mortar businesses come to me looking for advice on how to bring their businesses online, so I can help in this area as well.

I was a marketing executive for 15+ years and have been entrenched in the e-commerce space for the last 6 years, so this is professional advice you can trust.

Please include your phone number, website url and I'll be in touch within 24-hours to set up a time that I can call you.

This service is for US and Canadian customers only.

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