Set D3: Skulduggery and Intrigue

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Certainly, life is cheap on the world of Hausek, but sometimes death comes not from the spears and axes of a rampaging horde, but from short blades in darkened alleyways or silken cords in the corridors of power. Treachery comes in many forms, and always without warning.

These colorful cardstock miniatures (illustrated by Nathan Winburn) are specifically designed for use with the Dravakor role-playing setting, but they can be used with any game that requires nefarious stealthy characters.

This set includes:

1 Drega Sergeant of the Rantoors - (enormous hulking brutes inthe Imperial Army of the South)

1 Abregar Captain of the Rantoors- (winged demonic-looking warriors in the Imperial Army of the South)

1 MatchenckSniper - (beastial hybids built for speed)

1 Matchenck Aristocrat

1 BruushRogue - (savage primitive humanoids)

1 Human Merchant

1 Human Rogue

2 Voorsul - (the dreaded “corpse pilot" worms)

Plus: 2 Tables, 2 Benches, 18 Tankards

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