Dravakor Campaign Primer

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This is Dravakor, The Heavy Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

Darkness, Destruction, and lots and lots of Death. All the good things.

They are elite killing machines in service to an evil emperor. They are monsters, terrible and fearsome. The are unwaveringly loyal to their master. They are the dravakor. They are the world's only hope for freedom.

This is Hausek; the world of Dravakor.

In Dravakor, you can take on the roles of renegade dravakor, fighting for the freedom of a world you once helped enslave. Or perhaps you'd rather play brave human adventurers, facing off against an enemy more brutal than you can imagine. Whatever your decision, know that the Emperor has planned for you.

Burn The World Free!

The only guarantee in life is that you will not survive it.

This book is part of a series of rules supplements for Dravakor, a fantasy roleplaying game of heavy metal intensity, using the popular Pathfinder rules system. Designed by Lee Garvin, creator of Tales From The Floating Vagabond and The Noble Wild.

This Book Contains:

- Rules to use this setting with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
- A map of the known world of Hausek.
- A summary of the history and politics of Hausek.
- A new monetary system, with replacement equipment tables.
- New Traits highlighting the cultures of Hausek.

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