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Vicious, fast, and relentless; the Matchenck are the hunters and assassins of the Dravakor. A predator on two legs, a Matchenck can follow a target's scent for miles, never giving up until warm blood washes over their clawed hands. They are terrible enemies to have, and hard friends to trust.

You are matchenck. Since The Severing, you have been trying to reconcile your bestial urges with your new-found conscience. Getting people to trust you is difficult; they remember the horrible crimes you committed in the Emperor's name. But you must get them to trust you; the Empire has soldiers and agents everywhere. It's a hard fight, but there is one consolation:

They can't hide from you.

This book is part of a series of rules supplements for Dravakor, a fantasy role-playing game of heavy-metal intensity, using the popular Pathfinder rules system.

This Book Contains:

- Complete Rules for creating and playing Matchenck characters: The swift hunters of the Empire's armies.
- New feats, especially tailored for these vicious killers.
- New Magic Items.
- New Equipment.
- Rules Clarifications.
- Pre-made matchenck NPCs to use in your campaign.

To get the maximum use out of this book, make sure to grab the Dravakor Campaign Primer!

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