Issue 14 - How's Your Karma?

Our first Quarterly issue of Inspirallumination! The full-brewed version of caffeine for your soul! Sit back, relax and enjoy as there is plenty for you to drink in over the next 3 months! (100pgs worth - 2 phenomenal guided meditations AND a tutorial on how to access your past life energies using oracle cards!)

This Universe is no accident, our lives not without reason and purpose. What role, if any, does karma play in this magnificent experience we call life? In this issue we are exploring the concept of karma. What is it? Why is it? Is it even real?

The Bogeyman You Created
by Brenda Hoffman

Creating Our Collective Future
by Anna Merkaba

Karma of a Former Addict
by Jerry Muzik

Heal Past Life Programming
by Michelle Walling

FAQ on Your Past Lives
by B. Devine

Ask The Oracles About Your Past Life Energies
a faux mini reading and tutorial
by Loreen Muzik

Access Your Akashic Records
Guided Meditation
by Lisa Dottoli

Past Life Meditation
Guided Meditation
by B. Devine

What is Your Karmic Script?
by MarciaAnn Leibrand

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