The 10-Day Entrepreneur Training Course (Download)

No business, no product, no list and no website, no problem!

The 10-Day Entrepreneur is step-by-step how to start a startup in a box. It's an entirely self-guided, task-based course to create your great. It is practical not theoretical.

Whether you want to create a tech startup, an online course, a coaching business or your own cool startup company around your passion this startup program is packed full of tools and entrepreneurship startup ideas.

You are made of awesome. Start something.

The course is immediately downloadable on purchase. Here's a sneak peek of the video content that you can use to support the PDFs.


DAY 1 - Your network is your net worth

DAY 2 - Your talents, preferences and primary objective

DAY 3 - Solving customer problems with the minimum viable product

DAY 4 - Data, feedback and social media

DAY 5 - Your mailing list

DAY 6 - Positioning for your market

DAY 7 - Laying the groundwork for PR, e-commerce and influencing

DAY 8 - Open for business

DAY 9 - Creating your profile

DAY 10 - Launch day

BONUS MODULE: Run your business like a BOSS (from the beach)


  • This is a self-guide course. It's not necessary to do the 10 days consecutively. Do each module in your own time
  • Your business is your own creation - you choose the product, service, market and niche (coaching to chocolate, canoeing to clothes, champagne to car parts). Don't worry if you have no idea right now, the course is packed with tools. This course has nothing to do with network marketing or multi-level marketing
  • You need to be confident with technology; however, there's no need to be technical be or able to code
  • The course is approximately 4GB to download
  • Learn more at A Million Little Business Ideas


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