A Bridesmaid's First Night

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'A Bridesmaid's First Night' is the story of a young woman discovering who she truly is.

Tamara is always the bridesmaid and never the bride. But maybe she doesn't want to be a bride, or maybe she doesn't know what she wants. Until she meets Lillian.

“You are very beautiful,” Lillian whispers softly.
And the big room is suddenly gone and there is only her. I break out into goosebumps. I swallow. I bite my lip. Her finger brushes over my hands and our hands become a tangle. Tentatively, I reach out and touch her knee.
"Does your family know you’re gay?” she whispers into this moment of heartbeats.
“No,” I sigh. They don’t know. How could they know when I don’t even know?
“But I do,” she says.
"How?” I ask. How can you know when I pretend even to myself?
“Because you shiver when I touch you,” she says, running her finger up my arm.
And I do shiver, and tingles spark to life in places way down below. I feel like a flower blooming for the first time.

And life begins for Tamara with passion.

WARNING: 'A BRIDESMAID'S FIRST NIGHT' is a story about a woman finding herself, and it contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature.

NOTE: When you buy the story, you get one PDF and two JPGs. One JPG is the coupon to Katie and Laura's Fancy Satin Panty Store.The other JPG is the password to view the bonus photo gallery. To access the bonus photo gallery, go to SmugMug and click on Photosets in the menu bar.

What you get with your purchase: 1 PDF and 2 JPGs