The Devil Wears Pink

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Adam is the head chef at Haven, a luxury resort, and when Jessie, a new guest, shows up, things start cooking.

She tipped the bottle of oil over her breasts, letting the thick amber liquid roll over her nipples. She purred as it slid down her body, and she rubbed it into her skin.
“I think I need to get these off,” she said, hooking her fingers in the waistband of her yoga pants.
Then she wiggled, and doing a little spin, she turned around, and the pants slowly went down, popping over her round butt. She bent over and pushed the pants down. If Adam had thought he couldn’t get any harder, he was wrong. Seeing her shiny pink panty-clad butt made his cock ache like it had never ached before. It was delicious torture.
“Was it you who stole my panties?” she asked, her eyes twinkling.
She didn’t turn around to face him. She looked at him over her shoulder while she rubbed her hands over her butt.

Find out what happens when Adam is faced with a dish that's too hot to handle.

Warning: 'The Devil Wears Pink' contains sexually explicit scenes between consenting adults, and the workouts depicted aren't recommended for developing muscle mass, unless the muscle mass you want to develop is throbbing between your legs.

NOTE: When you buy the story, you get one PDF and two JPGs. One JPG is the coupon to Katie and Laura's Fancy Satin Panty Store.The other JPG is the password to view the bonus photo gallery. To access the bonus photo gallery, go to SmugMug and click on Photosets in the menu bar.

What you get with your purchase: 1 PDF and 2 JPGs