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Promotions and discounts

With the tools and data Selz offers, finding the right place and the right time for a potential promotion is a click away. 

Smart sales and promotions

Running sales and promotions has never been easier. Create discount codes that apply to all orders, or just ones of a specific category or price range. It’s never been easier to manage a promotion.

Living inventory

Easy to manage inventory

Easily manage and control inventory that you have available for a sale using Selz’ powerful interface. Change prices, add video, images, and more.

Categories and variants

Create product categories, and display product variants, colorways, and options easily, so customers can find what they’re looking for fast.

Licenses and limited quantity controls

Running a flash sale, or need to issue product licenses in a controlled way? No problem. Selz has the tools and components necessary for you to sell the way your business demands.

Coupon codes and mailing lists

Create discount and coupon codes that apply to all orders, all orders over a specific price, categories of order, or a single item. Set end dates and currency types. All-in-all, it’s never been easier to manage promotions. MailChimp integration comes standard, so you can keep in touch with customers throughout the sales pipeline.