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Google Smart Shopping

Google Smart Shopping makes it easy for customers to discover and buy your products. Selz makes it easy to set up your next big campaign.

Find customers who want to buy

Selz is fully integrated with Google Smart Shopping - no third party apps or services required. Use the power of Google’s network to put your products and services in front of a targeted audience in Google Searches, Gmail, YouTube and the Google Display Network.

Optimize your advertising

Leverage Google’s smart technology to put products in front of the customers who are most interested in them. 

Manage everything with Selz

Manage from one place

Selz comes with built-in Google Smart Shopping integration - no need for other services. Get access to a powerful ad campaigns direct from your Selz dashboard.

Keep your products and inventory synced

Connect your Google Merchant Center and link a new or existing Google Ad account to keep your inventory automatically synced.

An ad campaign in minutes

Set a budget, launch the campaign and you’re done. Let Google’s smart technology optimize ad placement and bidding.