The Food Photography Masterclass 2.0 - We Eat Together

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LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate

Create beautiful and stunning food photography with The Food Photography Masterclass. Learn natural and artificial lighting, composing, styling and post-production in 38 tightly scripted lessons.

This course will take you on a journey from the camera basics all the way to creating exciting food & beverage images using studio strobes.

Each lesson of The Food Photography Masterclass was tightly scripted with clear learning outcomes and key objectives specifically designed for the beginner to intermediate level food photographer. Each lesson builds upon the last in a format that is easily digestible and clearly organized with no extra fluff or overly confusing technical jargon. The tutorials are kept short, step-by-step to tackle a single concept and delivered in a linear fashion to make learning easy and enjoyable.

  • Over 8 hours of workshop style content ready for instant download
  • 7 Chapters with 38 beginner to intermediate lessons
  • INCLUDES the Advanced Food & Beverage Short Course
  • Tightly scripted tutorials with no unnecessary fluff
  • Understanding the camera including metering modes, exposure modes, white balance and manual exposure
  • Differences between direct, indirect and direct-diffused natural lighting
  • Understanding exposure using artificial lights
  • Skyler's entire artificial light workflow
  • Replicating natural light using strobes
  • Create advertisement style drink and beverage photography
  • Lighting ratios and three point lighting
  • Creating beautiful light with your flash
  • Food & prop styling techniques
  • Compositional theories
  • Composing for different camera angles
  • Learning to compose with shapes, lines and layers
  • Lenses & camera selections
  • Essential equipment explained
  • Creating beautiful side-lit and back-lit photos
  • Mix of classroom style workshops and full length shoots
  • Lessons in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop
  • Raw conversion and selective editing techniques
  • 3 hours of easy to follow post-processing tutorials
  • How to create elegant text and logos for your food images