MSCI Indices Components & Weightings by Country

MSCI Indices Components & Weightings by Country
  • Historical components & weightings of MSCI global indices between 12/31/2007 - 12/31/2017. The weights are based on the holdings of the corresponding iShares MSCI ETFs.ISIN codes & tickers are provided for all the components.
  • The constituent weightings are provided for the last day of each quarter since 12/31/2016 and for the last day of each year before that.
  • The dataset covers the following country-specific indices (the year since data is available): Australia (2007), Canada (2007), China (2011), Emerging Markets (2008), France (2007), Germany (2007), Hong Kong (2007), India (2012), Indonesia (2010), Italy (2007), Japan (2007), Korea (2007), Mexico (2007), Russia (2010), Singapore (2007), South Africa (2007), Spain (2007), Turkey (2008), UK (2008), US (2014) & World (2012).
  • The dataset allows you to examine how the index components have been changing: use filtering to easily check the index composition for each year.
  • Data is provided in Excel format. Check the sample file to see what the dataset looks like.
  • Data quality is guaranteed by Siblis Research but if you are not fully satisfied with the dataset for any reason you are entitled to a full refund.
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