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How to Start a Food Blog and Make Money

How does an extra income of $1,000 € to more than $10,000 per month sound like?

You want to start your own website.

And earn extra money.

But you don't know where to start.

I can help you: I’ve been there, done that.

I started my blog in 2011. Eight years later I have 900 published articles and over 75 000 followers on social media.

And I make a few thousand dollars a month.

This adventure gave me the opportunity to develop my knowledge of blogging and learn more about creating websites, use social media and connect with other bloggers.

And to earn money.

Over the years lots of people asked me how they could do just like me.

Starting a blog is easy. You don't have to be a computer geek.

Where to start?

I will help you.

I spent the last month writing my personal guide about how to create a blog.

It's based on my 8 years of blogging experience.

I'll show you how to choose a name for your blog, how to start and set up your website, what software to use, and how to make money online.

With patience and hard work, earning an extra income of $1,000 to over $10,000 a month is definitely within your reach.

The goals of my online training

1. have your website online this week

2. build an audience and start making money in a few months

This online training is for those who

• don't have a website yet

• don’t want to browse through the mountain of online tutorials

• haven't found the energy to finally start up their dream blog

• are not familiar with with stuff like WordPress, host, plugins, themes, etc.

• want to get straight to the point and no technical details

This training is not for those who hope to get rich overnight and make easy money in just a few days.

Here’s what my online training offers

  • It consists of 20 lessons.
  • I introduce you to my excellent web host that costs less than $4 a month.
  • Find out what computer you need (or if the one you have is fine).
  • I'll show you what powerful free software you can start with.
  • You'll also learn where to find royalty-free photos and movies to brighten up your blog, where and how to find inspiration, how to attract and direct visitors to your blog, and use this to make money.
  • You'll learn what camera you need if you want to make and publish your own photos or videos (you probably know that I'm simply using my iPhone, instead of an expensive camera with sophisticated lenses like many other trainings tell you to do).
  • I teach you the do’s and don'ts when you start up a blog.
  • I reveal the 5 best ways to make money.
  • I show you how you can easily set up your own online sales and use the best platform to make money.

Your goal: have your website online in a few days.

And in a few months time, you can build up an audience and start to make money.

What are you waiting for?

Note: this training is for absolute beginners, who don't have a website and want to earn extra money. If you already have a WordPress blog, and / or if you already earn money online, this course is not for you.

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