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How can I add a store to my Blogger blog?

Adding a Selz store to your Blogger site is simple. All you need to do is create a store on Selz, then create a link on your Blogger site for a seamless experience. Here’s the best way to get selling from your Blogger blog.

1) Create.

First, you’ll need to create a store in Selz.

  • Go here and sign up or sign into your Selz account. You’ll be able to start adding products straight away by clicking on ‘Add an item‘ from the Items page.
Avalon Demo

2) Customize

  • If you’d like to customize the look of your store, upgrade to one of our paid plans to take advantage of our themes.
  • Click on Store > Themes. Choose one of the available themes for your store and leave it as is and click Publish, or if you like you can click on More to add your own code to customize it further.


  • Once you install the theme of your choice, you will be directed to the Store Builder where you can continue to customize the look of your shop.
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3) Link.

  • Next, head over to your blogger site and create a link on your home page back to your Selz store. How you do this will depend on the blogger theme that you use, but generally you’ll be able to click on ‘Layout’ and then ‘Add a gadget’. Choose ‘Pages’ or ‘Images’, then the ‘Add external link’ option, enter in your store’s URL and save. And you’re done!
  • A link to your store will appear on your homepage and your buyers will be able to shop your store with ease.
How can I add a store to my Blogger blog?

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