Offering multi-file products

Selling multiple files under one product is made simple with our multifile upload feature.

If you sell a digital tutorial, online course, music album, or any other digital product which requires a bundle of files, each file can easily be added to one product listing.

How can I add multiple files to an item listing?

When creating your item, add all your files into the space under the preview image, or video:

Multi file upload

Choose the settings for your individual files. You can choose streaming or download options for MP4 files and watermarking with the buyers details for PDFs.

file settings

Save your settings and you’re done! After making their payment your customers will be be presented with a download page where they can download all the files in one go to Dropbox, download them separately and watch streamed videos at their leisure. Easy.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.06.07 pm

How many files can I add to a single item listing?

Each digital item listing can have up to 20 files and up to 15GB in size. Most file types are accepted.

What if I want my item listing to have more than 20 files?

The best way around our 20 item limit is by placing your items into a ZIP file and uploading your ZIP folder as the sole file of your item. Be sure to include directions for your buyers on how to unzip and download this type of file.

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