Connecting Selz to your email service (Mailchimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign etc) using Zapier

Keeping your Selz customers in sync with your favorite email tool is super simple with Selz and Zapier, a web automation app that allows you to automate parts of your business or life.


Zapier is based around Zaps. A Zap is a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over. A Zap looks like this: “When something new happens in my Selz account, do this other thing in X.” The first part is the Trigger and the second part is the Action.

Zap templates are ready-made Zaps that require little or no configuration. You can find our templates here.

Create a zap

To get started you need to create a Zap within Zapier.



The first step is to select Selz and the New Order Trigger. 


Once selected you’ll need to Connect your Selz account. Once signed in you’ll need to accept some permissions to ensure Zapier can talk to your Selz account:


Once signed in you can configure the New Order Trigger. If you want to pass all products simply leave it blank if you wish to pass a specific product choose it from the dropdown.


Zapier will test that it can successfully connect to your Selz account and perform the New Order Trigger.


Next, you need to choose your Action. Select your email provider from the list of apps e.g. MailChimp, Active Campaign, AWeber.

Once selected you’ll need to select the relevant Customer Action within the provider’s app. In most cases, this will be either be Create Customer, Create Contact, Add / Update Contact, Add/Update Subscriber etc depending upon the email provider.


You’ll then need to Connect your email provider account and accept any permissions required to access your account.


Once connected you’ll need to assign what happens when an Action is performed. Fields required vary per email provider but in general, you’ll need to assign:


You’ll need to select which List is populated when a new order has been processed. This is done by selecting your list from a drop down.


Select which Selz field is used to populate the email field within your email provider. This is Customer Email.


Name (or First Name and Last Name)

Select which Selz fields are used to populate the email field within your email provider. This is Customer First Name and Customer Last Name.

Zapier will then test that it can access your account and perform the required Action.

Turn on

Once Zapier is happy that the Zap will work you can turn it on and give it a name. You’re now ready to sit back and enjoy all the automagic happen and get back to running your business.

Multiple lists

You can assign customers to a specific list within your email provider depending on what they buy. To do that create separate Zaps for each list.

For example, if you would like all customers for Product A to be added to List A then this would be one Zap. If you would like customers for Product B to be added to List B then this is another Zap.

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