How is delivery handled with Selz?

If you are a buyer who has purchased an item through a Selz store or are considering it, here is how delivery works for both physical and digital products.

What are the shipping options for physical items on Selz?

Depending on a store’s settings, the shipping rate for your purchase may be a domestic or international flat rate. The shipping rate may also be based specifically on where you’re based, any shipping upgrades, or surcharges based on location. In the checkout process, your shipping rate will be displayed along with any tax that may apply.

During the checkout process, a buyer is asked to provide a delivery address, which is provided to the seller. Once the seller receives your payment and delivery address, they arrange the delivery of the product. If you ever want to know about the status of your delivery, contact the seller by responding to your order confirmation email or contact us.

I need to make changes to my delivery address. Who should I contact?

If you need to make an update to the delivery address submitted upon purchase of the physical item, you need to speak directly with the seller. The fastest way to reach them is by responding directly to the order confirmation email. This email should be received to the email address that was entered upon purchase.

I purchased a digital product. How do I receive my item?

If you purchase a digital product, delivery is instant. You receive download links directly post-purchase and also receive an order confirmation email in your inbox.

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