Setting up a Pay What You Want (PWYW) item

Setting up a ‘Pay What You Want’ item is a great way to infuse a trust-based relationship with your audience, removes the difficulty of figuring out the ‘right price’, and can also lead to more, and higher, sales.

Here’s how to set up Pay What You Want (PWYW) on your item.

  • In the product creation or editing page, check the Pay What You Want box. Set the minimum price you want for your item in the usual price field. That’s it, you’re done!

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  • When a buyer purchases your product they will have the option to pay any amount higher than the price you’ve specified.

What are the fees on PWYW items?

The regular fees still apply to any PWYW items, unless a buyer decides to contribute $0.00 to your PWYW item. In cases like this, there is no fee for a buyer who downloads a PWYW item for free. You can always set a minimum price to prevent buyers from downloading your product for free by checking the ‘Set original price’ above the ‘Pay what you want’ option on your item listing.

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