Adding pages to your store

Pages are essential for a professional look. Lucky for you, you’re welcome to add as many pages to your store as your business needs as long as you are on one of our monthly paid plans.

To create a new page, head over to your storefront and in the toolbar click on Store and choose Customize > Pages > New Page. Add in your page information, then click ‘New page’ at the bottom.

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We recommend that your store has a minimum of 2 pages: an About Page and a Contact Page, which we will cover in more detail below. Simply enable any pages you want on your site and feel free to disable any you no longer want to appear. You can also rearrange the pages by dragging.

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How to Add An About Page

To add an About Page, follow the same step as above and be sure to choose ‘Content’ as the page template.

  1. Click on Store > Customize > Pages > New Page
  2. Add a title, like ‘About’
  3. Choose Content as your Template
  4. Click on ‘New page’

How to add a contact page

  • To add a Contact Page, follow the same step as above and be sure to choose ‘Contact’ as the page template.

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