Creating a contact page in our customizable store

If you’re using our fully customizable store to create a professional online store through Selz, this tutorial is for you! If you don’t have our fully customizable store, feel free to skip this tutorial.

Why you need a contact page

Contact pages are essential for a professional store because they build trust with your buyers. And, we all know: if your buyers trust you, they’ll buy from you. Additionally, making it super easy for your buyers to contact you if they have any questions about their order, or item status, prevents the event of a chargeback. To maintain good standing with Selz, you must be proactive with your buyers and communicate regularly with them.

How to add a contact page

If you are on a paid plan, a contact page can be created with these steps:

  1. Log in to your Sels account
  2. Click on the Store logo
  3. In the left toolbar, click on the ‘Pages & Menus ‘option, then click on ‘New Page’
  4. Add a name for the Contact page, such as Contact or Contact Us (Original, we know!)
  5. Lastly, click on ‘Add page’

Once your contact page is added, it will look something like this:

Get in touch Colorado

Your contact page can always be adjusted to include additional information, pictures, and your own branded copy directly from your new Contact page.

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