Enabling PayPal Checkout As Guest Option

If you are using PayPal as your payment gateway and PayPal is enabled on your Selz store, your buyers can have the option to Checkout as Guest. This means your customers can pay with all major cards and do not need to have a PayPal account.

To ensure your buyers have the option to Checkout as Guest:

  1. Go to your PayPal Account Profile.
  2. Select: My Selling Tools
  3. Under: Selling Online
  4. Locate: Website Preferences
  5. Click on: Update
  6. Locate: PayPal Account Optional
  7. Click:  On
  8. Click: Save
When the “account optional” feature is turned on, customers don’t need a PayPal account. They use an alternate checkout and have the option to sign up for a PayPal account afterward. Customers with PayPal accounts still log into their PayPal accounts to check out. Please note that in some countries this feature is available to PayPal Premier and Business accounts only.

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