How to use Selz

What is Selz?

Selz makes it easy for entrepreneurs to add buttons, widgets, and other ecommerce tools to existing websites and social media. Whether you are just starting out with selling online or you’ve been selling online for awhile, Selz provides a robust set of tools for marketing and selling your products online.

This video gives you a nice look at what you can do with Selz:

Getting Started with Selling Online

Whether you sell ebooks, tutorials, coaching, physical products, or a combination of them all, Selz can work for you. With robust features and simple yet powerful selling tools, Selz is the best ecommerce platform for modern entrepreneurs to sell online.

Sell direct on your website

Selz makes it super easy to sell your products directly from your existing website or blog. Simply embed your store, buy it now buttons or widgets, to your website or blog and start making sales:

Sell digital downloads

Selz can be used to sell digital downloads. Whether you want to sell MP3s, ebooks, digital guides and courses, there’s a simple way to do that on Selz. Simply create a store, add an item to your store, and share the link on your social media platforms.

Or, add your store or buy buttons directly to your own website, allowing buyers to purchase your products without leaving your site. We take care of digital delivery for you, sending an automated email to your buyers post-purchase.

Sell ebooks

Selz can also be used if you want to sell ebooks. Whether you are giving away an ebook for free as an optin on your site or you are selling a series of ebooks, Selz simplifies the selling and online marketing process for you.

Simply create a free store, add the ebook you want to sell, and publish it to your store. You can then share your item for sale on Twitter and Facebook, or share your item’s short link anywhere. You can always embed a buy now button or widget on your site, too.

Sell services

Selz can be used to sell your services, too.

Free Facebook Store

Every Selz account comes with a free Facebook store. Easily install the Facebook store app to your Facebook business page and you can start selling directly to your audience where they hang out. Your buyers won’t even need to leave Facebook with the free Facebook store app.

Robust Features and Apps

There are countless ‘free forever’ features to help you sell more online using Selz:

  • Unlimited storage & bandwidth
  • Sell digital, physical & service products
  • Mobile & tablet optimized store
  • Buy buttons & widgets
  • Facebook store and social selling
  • 2.9%+30¢* processing + 2.0% transaction fee
  • Discount codes
  • Secure digital delivery & file updates
  • Realtime fraud protection
  • Global tax settings
  • Built in customer management
  • Advanced sales and customer analytics

Whether you use our free or one of our paid plans, you have access to the above features forever… for free.

For a full list of free features, click here.

Paid Plans

Our paid plans give you more control over your online selling experience. Paid plans also give you more bang for your buck, rounding out the functionality of your store and increasing sales. We want to grow alongside you, so transaction fees for the Plus Plan and Pro Plan are 1% and 0% respectively, instead of our usual 2% fee.

ReadTransaction fees reduced to as low as 0%

For more information about each individual plan, click below or view our pricing page:

Individual Apps

Installing individual apps gives you more customization over your store and integrations with other platforms and services

Everything you need to know about apps can be found by clicking here.

Processing sales on Selz

Processing sales on Selz is simple. You can connect your bank account to your Selz account and we’ll pay you into your chosen bank account. You can also install the PayPal app and allow your buyers to pay through PayPal.

Here’s everything you need to know about enabling payment on your Selz store.

Getting paid with Selz

Once you start making sales, we process payment, apply the transaction fee, then pass the rest of the funds into your chosen bank account. We pay sellers every Friday for the sales made the week previous.

If PayPal is installed, payment is deposited into your PayPal account immediately upon successful payment.


Our pricing structure is simple: Processing fees are 2.9%+30¢* processing + 2.0% transaction fee. Never pay a cent for our ‘forever free’ features. Try all our features for free for 14 days to see what works for your business, then choose your preferred plan.

Transaction fees for the Standard Plan and Pro Plan are 1% and 0% respectively, instead of our usual 2% fee.


ReadTransaction fees reduced to as low as 0%

Read more about our Pricing details and our charges.

*€0.30 when you sell in Euros, £0.30 when you sell in British pounds for payments processed by Selz. Fees for transactions processed through PayPal vary according to your PayPal account.

Some of our awesome sellers

Want to see some of the sellers using Selz for their business? Here are a few:

Connected By Coffee Documentary:

connected by coffee documentary

Jessica Sepel, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach:

jessica sepel store pro store

Tara Gentile, Business Strategist & Creator of Quiet Power Strategy™:

tara gentile website

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