Importing & Exporting items

If you have a large inventory of products on Ebay or Amazon or another commerce platform, importing them into Selz is easier than ever with the Import feature. If you need to export your items for any reason, you can easily export them, too. Here’s how to do it.

How to import items to Selz

  1. Log into your Selz account, then click on ItemsImport & Export
  2. On the Import page, download the CSV template we provide, and add your products to the CSV template
  3. Next, upload your completed CSV with all your products to the Import page
    Screenshot of the Import & Export page in Selz
  4. Once your upload is complete, you’ll receive a success message and an emailed report. If there are any issues with your products, all errors will be listed on the Import page. Make your changes and try again if needed.
  5. Once your products are added, you will see them by clicking on Items. You can then edit, promote and embed your products as normal.

How to export items from Selz

  1. Log into your Selz account, then click on Items > Import & Export
  2. On the Export tab, click on the Export button to start your CSV download
  3. Your items will be downloaded in a CSV that will include:
    • ID (generated by the system, new items will not have IDs)
    • Type (physical/digital/service)
    • Title
    • Description (supports plain text and HTML formatting)
    • SKU (assigned by you)
    • Currency (e.g. USD)
    • Price
    • Quantity
    • Published (true/false)
    • Original Price
    • Pay What You Want (true/false)
    • Collect Address (true/false)
    • Weight
    • Weight Unit (g/kg/oz/lb)
    • Free Shipping (true/ false)
    • Page title (used for SEO)
    • Meta description (used for SEO)
    • Slug (e.g. item-name, used for SEO)

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