Why isn’t my Facebook store showing on mobile?

Why isn’t my Facebook store showing on mobile?

The way that Facebook structures their mobile app means that no Facebook apps are visible when someone¬†looks at a Facebook Page via the Facebook mobile site, or through the Facebook mobile app.¬†The Selz store on Facebook is an app installed to your business page, which is why it’s not visible from your mobile device.

Via the Facebook mobile app, you see the business page, but not any of your installed apps, including your Selz store.


On a regular page, your store displays as a tab on the left hand side like this with any other apps you have installed:

Facebook store

Is there any way around this?

While there’s no way to change this unless Facebook makes a change to the way they structure their app, we do have a little workaround that you might find suitable. Post the URL of your Selz store to your Facebook Page, and then pin that post to the top of your page – that way, the first thing you’ll see as a visitor to your page is the post with a link to your store. Hurray!

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