What’s the difference between an item preview and item file?

There are two spots within a digital item listing where files are uploaded: the item preview and the item file.

Item preview and item file

Item preview

Selz Item preview
  • Great for showcasing the cover of your eBook, digital art demo, or online course
  • Upload a Photo or Audio/Video straight from your hard drive
  • Add a YouTube or Vimeo link to a video that shows a preview of the item for sale

Good to know

The item preview section is a great place to show your potential customers what to expect when they purchase this item from you. Are you selling an online art demo? Compile a short preview video that showcases everything your customer will learn if they buy this product. Alternatively, this is a great place to showcase the cover of your ebook or online course to give a more visual component to your Selz store. Whatever image is uploaded here is also what customers see when a Selz widget is embedded to your website.

Item file

Item file
  • The file being sold is uploaded here
  • Delivered post-purchase via browser and via order confirmation email
    • Customers also have a choice to send to Dropbox or Kindle
  • Most file types accepted, including PDFs, ZIP files and .mobi

Good to know

TheĀ item file is the file that’s being sold to your customer. It’s what they receive post-purchase via browser as well as their order confirmation email. Customers don’t receive the item preview file.

The biggest different between item preview and item file is it’s function. The item preview image showcases what your customer purchases, while the item file is the literal file they receive upon purchase.

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