I’ve stopped receiving order confirmation emails from Selz. What should I do?

If order confirmation notifications stopped arriving in your inbox, there are a few things you can do to get your emails again.

  1. Check the email address on file for your account in Settings > General
  2.  Search that email inbox for emails from noreply@selz.com
  3. Your email provider may have flagged emails from noreply@selz.com as spam to rectify this, add noreply@selz.com to your safe sender’s list.
  4. Log back into your Selz account, then click on Settings > Notifications. Switch everything off, then click Save. Then, turn everything on again and click Save.
  5. Check your Spam and Trash folders. Sometimes order confirmation emails get diverted there.
  6. Using a custom domain in your email address? Ask your host if they are blocking emails from noreply@selz.com
  7. Ensure that your mailbox is not full.
  8. Contact your email provider to ensure that we’re not being blocked as spam.

Did you go through the checklist and you’re still not receiving emails from us? Please open a ticket and we’ll do more digging.

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