Linking Social Media Accounts and Sharing Your Store

The small details make a difference and impress your potential buyers, so don’t skip this step! There is always an opportunity to make your store stand out with small changes here and there, so your store resonates more strongly with your target buyer.

For now, we’re focusing on adding your social media accounts, sharing your store, and finalizing your store.

1) How to Add Your Social Media Accounts

Adding your social media accounts is simple with our customizable store.

Hop into your Selz account, click on StoreSettingsSocial Links. You’ll see there are 10+ social channels that can be added to your store. Your social links added from this page will show up on your store in the footer.

Screenshot of social links

Your social links will show up in the appropriate area, depending on your theme. Here is how it looks on Colorado:

Colorado Footer with Social Links

2) Share Your Store

You’ll want to point your followers and potential buyers over to your store. Depending on where your buyers come from, there are different ways to do this. If you have a blog or website, you may want to add a link to your site’s existing menu to point to your Selz Store.

With our website, we created nice images for our Shop in the menu and added it to the menu for a professional touch.

This example here is a site:

How do I add a store to my site?

We’ve done the same here with

How can I add a store to my Blogger blog?

Click below for detailed tutorials on adding your Selz store to your website:

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