Creating Selz Apps

Selz Apps

Creating a Selz app using the Selz API allows you to integrate your app into the Selz ecommerce platform. Allowing you to generate and drive growth for your app.

There are two types of apps you can create:

  1. Apps that are sold via the Selz app store.
  2. Private apps that are developed specifically for a single Selz store

Getting started

To get started create a Selz account.

Email us as and outline your app and business. If your app and business are approved to be part of our partner program your account will be assigned ‘Partner’ status. This also you to continue developing outside of the 14 day trial and have access to all features.

Note: This account is for test purposes only and cannot be used for normal business transaction purposes.

Selz API

To start integrating and building your app you’ll need to be familiar with the Selz API documentation and generate an API token to gain access to the Selz API.

To generate an API token visit Settings > Developer.

Create your app

To start testing you’ll need to create your app within your Selz account. Go to Settings > Developer.

You’ll need to enter the following details:

  • App name
  • Application URL
  • Callback URL

Once saved your Client Credentials will be provided.

At this stage your app is private and only you can access your app.

Submit your app

Once you are happy that your app is fully tested submit your app for review to be published in the Selz app store. If your app is private you do not need to complete this step.

Go to Settings > Developer and select to ‘edit’ your app.

You will then be required to provide the following details:

  • Icon small: We recommend using SVG. This should be 48x48px.
  • Icon medium: This is used for the app tile. We recommend using SVG. This should be 320x180px.
  • Icon large: This is used within the app detail page. We recommend using SVG. This should be 756x320px.
  • Overview: This is used within the app tile and is a short description of your app.
  • Description: This is used within the app detail page and is a full description of your app .
  • Features: This is used within the app detail page. List all features with one feature per row.

Once your application is saved you can then review and submit to the Selz app store for review.


For your app to be approved and published within the Selz app store you must add Selz to your affiliate program. For each app sale originating from the Selz app store, Selz will receive a pre-decided upon commission. Please contact our team at for further questions and to confirm your commission rate
The application URL must contain a unique Selz referral ID.

App review

Once you submit your app our team will review your application. This should take a few days. If we have any questions we will be in touch.


If we are happy for your app to be added to the Selz app store we’ll send you a notification and your app will be in Beta status. Your app is now available to all users within the Selz app store but we’ll monitor the app and any feedback to ensure everything is in order. Your app will be displayed with a Beta flag.


Once your app has been in Beta status for approx one month and no significant issues have been raised your app will then be moved to Live status and the Beta flag removed.


You will be required to provide ongoing support to users if they raise any issues with your app and it’s integration with the Selz ecommerce platform. To ensure your app remains within the Selz app store issues will be expected to be resolved within a reasonable time frame.

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