Selling items on Facebook with Selz

The two ways to sell on Facebook are with posts on your timeline, or by adding a store to your Facebook page.

Social Selling on Facebook

You can sell on Facebook using a shared post that appears on the timeline. Potential customers can click on a post and purchase without leaving Facebook.

Selling on Facebook Example Post

Products can be automatically shared to your Facebook. First, head to the Settings > Sharing page.

From there, choose the Facebook, Twitter, and / or Pinterest accounts to connect your Selz store to.

How to add your items to your Facebook page

Store on facebook page

The Free Facebook store app makes adding a store to your Facebook page very easy.

Adding a store takes only a minute and gives your Facebook fans an easy way to buy your products or services from within Facebook.

Using the free Selz Facebook store means you never have to worry about keeping your Facebook store up to date. It’s automatically updated every time you make a change to one of your products in your Selz account. Managing your inventory couldn’t be easier as every sale, no matter where, reduces the stock available meaning your Facebook store is always up to date.

Here are the detailed instructions on how to add a Facebook store to your Facebook page.

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