Setting up a custom domain with Google Domains

Google Domains is currently in beta and is only available to people based in the United States at this time.

Custom Domains is a paid feature. The Custom Domain feature comes included in the Pro and Standard plan.

If you are a Selz seller based in the United States, you can use Google Domains to add a custom domain to your Selz store. Here’s how to do it

Before getting started

Before getting started with Google Domains, you’ll need to have a free Google account. You likely already have a Google account if you use GmailYouTube, or Google Drive etc.

Setting up a domain with Google Domains

  • Log into your Selz account
  • Click on Settings > Store > Store Custom Domain.
  • Install the Custom Domain app if needed or click on Buy a domain name
    Screenshot of the Settings > Store > Store Custom Domain name section in Selz
  • Next, search for the custom domain you want to use on your Selz store
  • If the domain you want to use is not available, you’ll be shown two types of your original search:
    •  The domain with different endings like .me, .biz, .life
    • Available domains that contain part of your original searchScreenshot of the Google Domains search area
  • When you find a domain you like, click on Buy
  • You’ll be redirected to the checkout at Google where you’ll fill out your contact information. This is required by any domain registrar
    Screenshot of the Google Domains contact information
  • At the bottom of the page, choose your privacy setting
    Screenshot of Google Domains Privacy settings

    • Selecting public means that anyone doing a whois query of your domain will be able to see the personal information entered into this contact form, including the name and address.
    • Selecting private means that the domain is registered by proxy, so that a third-party company’s details appear (rather than yours) when a whois query is run. Google makes no charge for this service (although some other providers do charge a fee for private registration).
  • Complete your purchase by filling out your credit card information and clicking Buy
    Screenshot of Google Domains Buy Page
  • After completing the purchase, it may take anywhere between 30 minutes to 48 hours for setup to complete.
  • To check if setup is complete, enter your domain in your Store Custom Domain Settings and click ‘Test’. If successful, save your settings.

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