Using themes in Selz

Themes are a paid feature offered on all of our paid plans.

Making your Selz store even more beautiful is a snap with our Themes. Here’s how it works.

  • Log into your Selz account.
  • If you are on one of our paid plans, it’s already included, so continue on below.

Customizing your theme

  1. Log into your Selz account
  2. Click on Themes
  3. Choose your theme
  1. You can see a preview with all your existing products by clicking on the ‘…’ button then Preview or you can even check out our Demo store for inspiration:
    Theme Preview page
  2. If you’re ready to go live or you want to try out a different theme, click on Publish. In the Store Builder, you can customize to your heart’s content. You can:
    • Set your colors by clicking and choosing from the palette
    • Choose if you’d like to display your store name in the default font or if you’d like to display your logo
    • Upload a banner image to feature on your store’s homepage
    • Choose how many products you’d like to display on the homepage and the category pages
    • Choose if you’d like to display payment and security logos
    • Switch themes and install updates from the Themes tab


  • If you want to tweak the code and customize it even further, go to Store > Installed Themes. Read more about editing a theme.


  • Learn more about customizing the look of your store here.

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