Using the text block

Animation showing click to edit in the content editor

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allows you to style text whilst previewing how it will appear when displayed. Standard features such as bold, italics, text alignment, links and lists are available with some areas offering media and image uploads. You can also edit the HTML if you’re confident with editing the source code.

Adding Images

Some content areas have options to add images and media into the content. You will see two additional icons for actions to upload images and video/audio embeds.

Showing the image icon and tooltip

Adding Videos and Audio

You can copy and paste the url (e.g. into the content area or click on the “Video & Audio” button in the toolbar and a modal will appear for you to enter the URL.

Showing the video and audio icon and tooltip

You can embed the following external media currently:

  • YouTube (video)
  • Vimeo (video)
  • Flickr (image)
  • Instagram (image)
  • Soundcloud (rich)
  • Kickstarter (video)
  • Speakerdeck (rich)
  • Photobucket (image)
  • Slideshare (rich)
  • Scribd (rich)
  • Rdio (rich)
  • Mixcloud (rich)
  • Animoto (rich)
  • Screenr (rich)
  • Revision3 (rich)

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