Currencies you can process with PayPal

There are some limits for some PayPal accounts concerning the currencies that you can process.

If you are on our Standard or Pro plan you can accept PayPal payments in the following currencies and for those currencies that are also accepted by your specific PayPal account:

  • Canadian Dollar
  • Euro
  • British pound
  • US dollars
  • Japanese yen
  • Australian dollars
  • New Zealand dollar
  • Swiss franc
  • Hong Kong dollar
  • Singapore dollar
  • Swedish krona
  • Danish krone
  • Polish zloty
  • Norwegian krone
  • Hungarian forint
  • Czech koruna
  • Israeli new shekel
  • Mexican peso
  • Philippine peso
  • New Taiwan dollar
  • Thai baht
  • Russian rouble

If you are on the Pro plan you can process PayPal payments in all currencies accepted by your PayPal account. For example, if your PayPal account is in Brazil, Malaysia or Turkey then you will be able to accept payments in your own currency in addition to any of the currencies above that are supported by your account.

If a buyer tries to process a combination that is not a valid PayPal transaction, we will receive a message from PayPal and then display a message notifying the buyer to contact you.

If you are unsure of why a transaction may not be going through, the best thing to do is contact PayPal and find out more about which currencies are compatible with your account.

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