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Our values

Our commitment to equality, respect and kindness

We all share a complicated history, and that history hasn’t given every person the same opportunities. We are working to be a part of the changes we want to see.

Our company and every member of the Selz community is committed to three primary principles: equality, respect and kindness.

Equality - Our community respects and cherishes diversity. We believe that differences in demographics, perspective and experience make us stronger and help us move forward together.

Respect - Respect requires active listening. It means taking time to understand and then taking action.

Kindness - Kindness isn’t just being polite. Kindness is bravery. Kindness takes risks to stand up for people and the principles we care about, no matter what it costs.

At Selz, we work each day to reinforce and expand our commitment to equality, respect and kindness. These efforts include:

  • Building a diverse team of dynamic co-workers who support and challenge each other
  • Developing features and products that can improve the reach and access of every merchant using our platform
  • Creating collaborative teams who commit their time and energy to new initiatives and resources around inclusion

Selz stands in solidarity with other organizations who are working to make change in the world. We support the efforts of Black Lives Matter and other groups fighting for racial equality. We support the efforts of Greenpeace and other organizations working to heal our environment. Email us here with questions or if you want to be a part of our efforts.